What’s two-sided?

In 2018, I started working on a small marketplace called MentorCruise.com, a pretty humble community of about 10 mentors and welcoming any mentee that was ready to give us a chance.

Over the years, things scaled on both sides to today over 500 mentors and about 1,000 fresh mentees every month. I’ve always been transparent with my learnings, but now it’s getting serious!

What to expect

I am aiming for one value- and learning-packed post every week. Most often, it revolves around a question that other people ask me and that I’d like to expand on a little bit.

That also means that you can get involved! Reply to any email and we’ll discuss your question. Who knows, maybe it ends up in a post :)


Dominic Monn
Machine Learning Engineer by day, building indie projects and a mentorship marketplace by night.